Space is Limited - Don't Wait - Become a Vendor Now!!

Become a vendor at the Steel City Cannabis Convention and grow your business and customer base.  With Pennsylvania on its way to becoming legal for adult recreational marijuana use, the shows will becoming more and more popular and packed with vendors trying to reach their next customer. As a vendor, you do not want to be left out, so register to vend now!

At our event, we will focus on reaching out to the end customer, so you can network with them and help them with all of there cannabis needs. We will focus on bringing  those in who need to be certified as well as those who are already certified and are looking to see what dispensaries are out there. Believe it or not, there are actually card carrying members who think there are only a few dispensaries out there, so they have no idea what they are missing. This is why we are going to bring them to this show. Throughout the weeks leading up to the event, there will be hundreds of free ticket giveaways available throughout social media and other advertising platforms. If your customer is in this area, they will hear about this event!

In addition to focusing on bring in the end users, this event also focuses on vendor to vendor networking.  As we always do, we invite some of the biggest and best in the cannabis field. Business to business networking is very important in this industry because there is so much growth to still be had in this field. Cannabis retail sales are expected to surpass $37 billion dollars in 2023, topping chocolate, eggs and craft beer. That is an increase of $7 billion from 2022. With this kind of increase, there is not a more important time to get involved in developing a great network with your business acquaintances in the cannabis field.

You ask, who would you be vending with? Some of the potential exhibitors will include: cannabis beverage producers, medical marijuana producers,  cannabis full spectrum testing and laboratory services, cannabis full spectrum white label companies, brand development companies, pharmaceuticals, cannabis processors, product developers, distribution companies, cannabis transportation outfits, beverage and food manufacturers, processing equipment and service providers, cannabis formulation, logistics, cannabis multi-state operators and supply chain operators, cannabis packaging and labelling, cannabis food distributors/wholesalers, political advisors, lobbyists/ public affairs businesses, consultants, cannabis IT firms and cannabis money processors. If any of these interests you, you need to be at this event! Do not wait, register now, space is limited.

NOTICE – We are currently working on our online registering through our website. It should be completed in a few days. In the mean time, you can still register; simply click the link below to register. It will open a Facebook chat with one of our registration specialists. 

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